SPY Racing E8 E-Quad



Experience the ultimate freedom on four wheels with the SPY Racing E8 E-Quad. Safety and driving pleasure combined in the highest quality! Whether on the road or in light off-road terrain, the E8 E-Quad is the perfect companion for all those seeking adventure.

  • 0~50km/h In 3 Secs

    Experience the super-fast acceleration

  • Maximum speed of 90 km/h.

    On the go with top speed

  • 141 km range

    Through the entire day on a single charge

  • EU certified

    On the safe side with a European certification

  • Hill-start Assist

  • High-performance Chassis

  • Fast Acceleration

  • Large Capacity Battery

  • Powerful Engine Performance

  • Comfortable Suspension

  • Certified Safety

  • Fast-paced Driving Experience

  • Hydraulic Performance Brakes

Comfortable ride

The performance chassis provides improved vehicle stability and safety, especially in poor road conditions.

Powerful and efficient electric motor.

Maximum speed of 90 km/h.
Great acceleration performance from 0 to 50km/h in 3 seconds.

Precise performance chassis

The performance chassis of the SPY Racing E8 E-Quad is a standout feature that sets this vehicle apart from others. With a meticulously engineered suspension and sophisticated steering, the E-Quad delivers exceptional stability, control, and handling precision. Whether on the road or in light off-road terrain, the precise handling allows the rider to have responsive control and a confident driving experience.

Integrated high-capacity lithium battery

With an impressive range of up to 141 km and a quick charging time of only 6-7 hours, you'll save money on every recreational activity compared to gasoline quads. Starting at just 2€*, you can travel up to 100 km. Enjoy an environmentally friendly and cost-effective driving experience with the E8 E-Quad, without compromising on driving pleasure and performance.

*Spy Racing Eco-Quad: Total consumption (Wh/km) 53Wh per km (values according to NEDC for LXe vehicles). Price valid on the base of the Spy Racing Eco-Quad only while supplies last. Electricity cost for the calculation is based on 0.30€ per kWh.

Comfortable and safe

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled driving experience with the SPY Racing E8 E-Quad. With its comfortable two-person seat and hydraulic performance braking system, it sets new standards in terms of comfort and safety. Enjoy pure driving pleasure and maximum performance based on certified EU safety standards.

  • Large aluminum rims

    Improved road handling

  • Sturdy and wide footrests

    Foldable footrests for the passengers

  • Front bumper guard

    In a robust, muscular design

  • LCD speedometer

    Detailed overview of the key data

  • Comfortable throttle handle

    Slip-resistant and optimal handling

  • Robust charging interface

    Reliable and splash-proof